We know how hard it is when a client has something to say, and needs to make themselves understood. That’s what we do. We bring people together one on one or in a group in a way that assures that everyone involved in a discussion understands what the other parties are saying. We come to wherever we’re needed and are the formal, professional, unbiased person in the room who aids communication by repeating what people say exactly as they say it. We will not rephrase anything or put any spin on it, but let the speaker speak for themselves.
Because we are precise and true to what the speakers are saying, they’re  safe when we’re translating in sensitive situations, like medical or legal ones. We will not interrupt or distract, but say what the client is saying, as word-for-word as possible.
For all practical purposes, we’ll be invisible, but when we’re done, clients can be confident that they’ve been heard correctly and fairly.

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